You could say I've been having a Jonah Moment

A friend / past co-worker and I have been able to keep in touch via Facebook and she always seems to send me timely bibical emails. It just never fails... when something is brewing, I get an email from her which could range from an email another friend sent to her and she sent it on to me... or something she read and felt compelled to share, etc.

Yesterday I received a copy of the following article from her which she received from the ElijahList on April 1st. I finally read it last night and even though I felt in my spirit that God was actively making this move in my life... to have this come across my email was just another confirmation of it.

Ask yourself... are you right where God wants you? Were you where you should have been and walked away? I'm not saying 'wandered' away... I'm saying you turned your back on destiny and purposely and maybe even DEFIANTLY walked away! Are you finding yourself afraid that you'll never find your way back to that place?

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Send a real card within the US - for free - REALLY!

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Here's a few ideas to help jog your thoughts :)

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-Kari Womack

A great book about the Power of Thank You!

I'm in the midst of reading the book, "Thank You Power", by Deborah Norville.
Yes... the chick that reports on the E-News each afternoon!

Can you say WOW??!! Now I know why my Mom taught me to send out Thank You Cards growing up!

There are so many empowering lines in this book... but the one that caught me as something I can do 'right now'... not just wait to do... but can do immediately is:

"Say thank you to someone overdue to hear it."
(page 51)

If you have this book and haven't read it, or haven't read it lately... you've got to read page 51!

If you'd like... say Thanks to that someone by sending out a free card to them at my site. It only costs you your time :)

Happy Monday!

~ Kari Womack
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